Walking Through Dust Devils

On breezy, dry days in Summer or Fall you can watch tiny whirlwinds develop. They pick up dry dirt or leaves which reveal their vortex form. Short lived, most don’t make it more than 6 feet tall. Some I’ve seen 20 feet tall, but rarely. These are dust devils.

For fun we would watch for the spinning leaves and then run through them. The diffused vortex would disappear and the dust and leaves would fall to the ground around our feet. Like magic.

Politics, family, civil, spiritual, etc. have plenty of their own types of dust devils: spins of ideas (memes) that usually don’t make it past 6 feet tall nor last long.  Folks on the lookout can spot and disrupt dust devils before they develop into anything too distracting or dangerous.

Here is a small example:

To me from T:       Subject: Obama making fun of the Bible!!!!

pretty shocking.
there are other vids at the bottom after this one plays.

To T from C:
What do you think of this?

To T from me:

The link didn’t seem to work right. So I went to YouTube and searched on “obama bible” and watched some of the videos. I didn’t find anything offensive. Maybe you could recap an offensive part for me.

To me from T:

He took deuteronomy and leviticus out of context saying that they condoned stoning our children to death and then demeaned the sermon on the mount. He has recently been quoted as stating his “muslim faith” is very important to him…the sounds of the muslim prayers as the sun goes down is the most enchanting sound on earth….

I’ll send along more if you’d like.

To T from me:

I see.  I saw that video and appreciated the truth in it. I thought the “out of context” aspect of
those scriptures was the very point he was making: that no matter how well they may have been derived and applied in the context of their origin they are not helpful for modern democratic legislation. As I recall, he said that Deuteronomy suggests the stoning of rebellious children: but you and I know
that it actually commanded it.

Also, I didn’t hear any demeaning of the sermon on the mount, but rather how far afield or dynamically skew from it our defense establishment is.

I watched a bunch of those videos and responses back and forth. It’s spin city during spin season in every direction. The spins touch upon issues sacred to folks in order to characterize and mis-characterize all candidates and all their associates and all their positions on issues. Ideas flung so haphazardly during sharp turning points reveal how poorly attached or poorly integrated our understanding is.  Once the election is over, my hope would be that people would sit down together and engage in systematic discourse about many things, striving to maintain some objectivity and listening carefully to each other.


I count myself among those reviewing the evolution of consciousness, noting the behavior, thought forms, social structures, etc. that coincide with the ever changing dynamics of this “upward calling”. Our memetic vortices are never the eternal structures we think they are, even though they may govern our unity and thinking for millennia. Things are different and better than they seem. The purpose of love is the perfecting of conversation, never the spreading of dogma.

From T to me:

Exquisitely put.

I couldn’t agree more and find your note quite refreshing in these days of he said-she said….

I will check out some of the sites you have sent along. Be blessed out there in the valley this morning…

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