Facing It

I am your private laureate
Your wrench connection
Your lonely tribeless shaman
Your wild hair
Your golden mean
Your bright red dread extreme.

I am your monster of your edges
The shadow of your light
The dancer on your grave
The empathic singer of your very precious plight.

I am the sparkling morning meadow
Watching you
Sacrifice Time’s children
to concrete, glass, and asphalt.

I am the itch you can’t find yet to scratch
The rule for which there are no laws
The missing metaphor that haunts your dreams
The spirit you can’t define.

I love you more than you can know
and I shall be the death of you.
No matter what you do
I    am    very    you.



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One response to “Facing It

  1. poeticgrin

    I really enjoyed this!


    Thank you, Bryan, for this response and for your other kind words.

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