The Verse I Like

Rushed verse makes me nervous
Like I should have stayed home.
You know, the kind of verse that
Is more labels than names.

I have a new name.
And I like verse that reveals something,
Especially ones that reveal
We have the same new name.

I like verse that turns like a good tune
Resolving issues I didn’t know I had,
and ones I did know.
I like that precious gentleness
That makes me greater than I was,
That unveils the world to be better than I thought,
That breaks a new dawn at midday or midnight,
That celebrates changes with power and delight,
That pays it forward with a faithful uncertainty,
That speaks its own listening
and lights its own path.



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One response to “The Verse I Like

  1. i couldn’t agree more..i read so many then say–oh, nice image but…i have some of those too…but you are right

    Thank you, Scot.

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