The Death of Merlin

What now is,
What may become,
And the lever betwixt and between
Whose grip Love alone can fit
To move and lift from fate to grace.

A place to stand she offers him,
The lever he reveals to her.
As one hand they honest grip and stand
And fulcrum Time at their command,
The mountain moves into the sea.

The painted circle spins, but not in-place,
Seasons return, but not to where they left,
Never back to here again,
Where the lever works but once upon fresh manna.

That elusive living lever —
That betrays both shield and spear,
That melts into the mist when less than Love draws near.
There are no lines that lead to it,
No circle passes through it.
Yet it waits for us beyond all secrets
Where Love’s vision never fails
And death is no farewell.


I tip my hat to Bekki for a kindred poem posted 2/8/2009, “Fierce is his living


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10 responses to “The Death of Merlin

  1. This was beautiful. Powerful. Profound. A great truth hinted by the allusions of these words.

    Thank you, Sumedh. Good to meet you. I just now began exploring your site with great delight. Very inspiring. I’ll save my other comment for your site. All the best to you!

  2. This is my personal favorite, to date.

  3. poeticgrin

    “Seasons return, but not to where they left”

    “Where Love’s vision never fails
    And death is no farewell.”

    Wayne – what a poem. A powerhouse, really. This one knocked me over. I *feel* it.

    • Thanks, Bryan!
      Have you ever posted a ‘9th Symphony’ poem on a ‘Bump and Grind’ evening? Or vice-versa? Either way, it’s got a snowball’s chance in hell. Or ever walk in all red into a turquoise poem? One almost needs to know what to probably expect from someone so as to show up properly dressed and more likely to grok it. We can never depend on our audience being fully facile.
      But I’ve learned to depend on your encouragement. Thanks again.

  4. I can see why you have favorited this piece, Wayne. It is truly marvellous to ponder the power of love, and I personally find love a difficult subject/object to write about. You have pulled it off wonderfully here.

  5. thommalyn

    Oh, wow. This is a breathtaking poem about love. And I see this as the crux: “As one hand they honest grip and stand” — yes, honesty is the foundation, honesty and trust. Then love can truly move mountains.

  6. nectarfizz

    oh oh oh…I am in love.

    The universal passport!

  7. Hi, Wayne. This is a fantastic, just fantastic poem. Than kyou for sharing.

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