Object of Obstacle

I am become your trouble.
You can no longer think you are
what you thought you were.

I am the thorn in your side,
the faithful wound of a friend,
the itch that persists.

I am the bee in your bonnet,
the sand in your oyster,
the hitch in your get-along.
I am the stone in your path.

I am the discomfort,
the disequilibrium,
the burning question,
and the limitation.

Yet you are always dependent on me!
Without me you would not know cooperation,
or love.

In desperation you personify me
you demonize me,
you ignore me.
But all such efforts are mirrored back to you
and your own unfinished business.

You must ultimately love me, too —
far beyond mere sympathy for your devils.


April 2008


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4 responses to “Object of Obstacle

  1. Cool, transformation by dialectic in action and once again beautifully phrased and articulated.

    Thank you, Paul


  2. What a jewel of a poem, and oh, how it resonates on a personal level.


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