The squint
Is what prevents
The presumption of what is.

It protects
What we detect
From the crap that we project.

So squint, I say!
Squint deeply!
Squint in thought and deed.
Let things unfold discreetly
And infuse your hope with seed.

Strategic blindness serves this cause–
To lift what can be from what was.


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One response to “Squint

  1. All your poetry here shows great grace, intelligence and craftsmanship. The poems are so carefully made and demonstrate a perfect control over the language and considerable wisdom. Hello,

    All of it, eh?
    Bless your heart, Paul. Thanks.

    I had just returned from your blog (delighted, but too sleepy to comment tonight) when I found your comment here. Serendipitously pre-qualified!

    Now, at last, I can post my drivel… stay tuned!


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