Hast Thou Une?

The poles are really shifting.
It’s underway, they say.
So it’s no surprise. You’re not alone –
a yangster in the yinzone.

What I guess I really mean,
Is, tell me, hast thou une
corpus callosum?

I do appreciate your openness,
your honesty and spunk.
But such an ontometamorph*
should walk with measured funk.

What I think I really mean,
Is, really, hast thou une
corpus callosum?

We sycophants of circumstance
must be forgiven quickly
to let the logos smell the roses
of our shamanic crises.

But, boiled down, I really mean,
Come now, hast thou une
corpus callosum?

*new word! – : one engaged in transforming their inner being


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One response to “Hast Thou Une?

  1. That is very cool, one side of me says while the other struggles to make sense of it all, haha. Are all shamans ontometamorphs?

    I don’t know, Paul. But I’m glad you laughed a little. The piece sorta begs the definition of corpus callosum, the connective tissue between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. My intent was to use that as a humorous metaphor for the active reconciliation and transcendence of all kinds of polarities.

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