Patterns Matter

The edges and rhythms
of many forming flowers run through me, as you.
They press me beyond the pages.
They define me beyond words
that I might calm the sea of circles
and walk upon its waters.
In me vertical and horizontal
crave each other and are satisfied.

Certainly patterns matter —

as my father loves my mother
and I am born again and again,
protected by the stable spin,
then extruded by the same
to become an active whole.

The innate impulse to bisect or be bisected
drives the gravid cosmos, perpetuates the plan
that ever turns and rends
that we might be no longer children beyond that season,
but become the active fractal surfer
sowing love on every cycle,
every circumstance, every season,
infusing matter with yet finer patterns.

We abandon our oars and set sail in this dance.
We yield what we cannot keep and gain what we cannot lose.

July 2004



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10 responses to “Patterns Matter

  1. thommalyn

    Patterns within patterns — I love this poem. Just when we think we have the pattern figured out, we see a more intricate pattern within, and so it goes. And love: what a joy to dance with each other, see each other’s patterns, and appreciate and cherish their uniqueness.

  2. Yes! “Uniqueness” and interconnectedness (entanglement) and purpose.

  3. nectarfizz

    Wow this makes me a little dizzy! patterns interweaving patterns..boggles the mind. I LOVE IT.

  4. nectarfizz

    Ps. Hey, that first comment stole my pattern thought..(pout) They are right though, so I guess I cannot complain they said it first.


  5. My favorite lines:

    In me vertical and horizontal
    crave each other and are satisfied.

  6. Finding a new existing pattern is one of my favourite things to do in life.
    In Artificial Intelligence when a program makes observations of some kind, it is often programmed to compare what it sees with a pattern. For example, a vision program may try to match a pattern of eyes and a
    nose in a scene in order to find a face. More complex patterns, e.g. in a natural language text, in a chess position, or in the history of some event are also studied. Simple patterns are the ones that have been studied the most

    • I’m glad that you read this and commented, Mariana. My most often considered target readership is researchers. And by ‘researchers’ I broadly and simply mean people committed to systematic and energetic asking, seeking, and knocking: folks on the chaotic jagged cutting edge of both cosmology and technology.

      I hope that you will engage some more of these pieces and share your impressions.

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