Making It

Dim and smoky saw you asking
tired and lonely felt you leaning
toward the easy dreams
the pale lights

Thick, weak arrows splattered
on huge, close targets,
nearly shook
almost woke you.

What do you want, pilgrim?

Zombies staggering on wide paths
stillborn for manual labor
numb on purpose
no purpose
this is life and death

What do you want, pilgrim?

Microscope or telescope
it’s the evolution of stupidity
barely surviving gosh and gonads
to achieve a 9 to 5

Dig deeper, pilgrim!
Sift, sort, seek
knock harder
shoot straight
fight back, pilgrim!
get clear, climb higher

There’s a dream that calls,
an Evergreen on the barren hills,
a warm fire in the distance,
a beacon in the entropy.



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3 responses to “Making It

  1. poeticgrin

    Oh how I want to answer this call.

  2. nectarfizz

    First two me right away.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, you all.

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