Plan A

Thistle days
and thistle down,
this’ll bless the ground all ‘round.
Grand intent is clear to see
when once we learn there’s no Plan B.

The spin is so much older than
the things we think we understand
and grander in simplicity
to lead to such complexity.

Creation’s fully underway
not something finished some past day
though impetus be alpha, and destiny, omega,
even chaos flows in currents
toward Love’s sublime attractor.

August 2007



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9 responses to “Plan A

  1. poeticgrin

    “even chaos flows in currents”

    Genius line, my friend, and genius poem on such an interesting topic! There’s poetry everywhere, in the beginning and (hopefully) the end. This is a piece that works well aloud. The words electrify my tongue. Too bad there’s no Plan B – I’d love to read it!

    Thank you, Bryan. Perhaps you discern a thread that seems to run thru my work. I think I see it. It seems to stand at a cusp, walking the ridge between rational and pluralistic levels of consciousness, trying to make peace with those aspects of consciousness that are being subsumed: archaic, magical, mythical, rational; not displaced, but subsumed. Something critical about each prior level must continue to support the frontier. Like the former ‘front doors’ of a nautilus shell that become the foundation chambers & curves of the current life, the growth node. These are precious things to me, and why I wax poetic.

  2. nectarfizz

    Ohhh:::claps hands::: more, more, more!!

    Thanks! Means a lot coming from you!

  3. nectarfizz

    Thats an Emily type working if I ever saw one! When it comes to a rhyme it’s even more impressive when someone does it well. So, tip of the hat my friend, you do it and you do it well. May I copy this one for my favorites file?

    • I’m so glad you like it, Bekki. And thanks for visiting and giving me so much encouraging feedback.
      Yes. I would be honored and grateful for you to share this poem.

  4. nectarfizz

    Thistle days
    and thistle down

    ( inspired!)


  5. Beautiful — the wisdom in this is staggering. You have such a gift for words. And in “grander in simplicity to lead to such complexity”, you articulate so well the paradox of life, this world, and existence.

  6. Mmm yes. Beautiful. I am going to enjoy your blog.

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