How to Wrap a Turban

Now, really, it is all about
eternal joy expressed
through ephemeral cycles.

So the question du jour is
how to wrap a turban.

That individuated
nodes of consciousness
should exist at all,
is remarkable beyond words!

So the question du jour is
how to wrap a turban.

Who knew that the
History of Truth
would so reflect the
Truth of History?

But the question du jour is
how to wrap a turban.


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3 responses to “How to Wrap a Turban

  1. Perfect image for a perfect thought. There are many confluences in our thinking. That anything should exist is a miracle, everyone’s existence is miraculous. This is a beautifully crafted poem too.

    Thank you, Paul!

  2. sbtipota

    this is so great and makes me laugh
    its like technique befuddles the creative mind ha ha sorry if you didnt mean it to be funny but i think you did and i have read over so much of your writing and it is wonderful and alive and saucy and true
    and i want to thank you for so kindly blogrolling my spaces between trees what a treat thankyou (but you cant link there from my above name because i had to sign in here with something xxx

    Thanks. Yes, it is meant to be humorously provocative. Not sure I understand the “xxx” thing, but I’ll tuck your link in right here for courtesy. . Come back again.

  3. sbtipota

    thankyou, the xxx is like an anonymous signature (tipota = ‘nothing'(anonymous) in greek)
    or three waves goodbye using the x a shape i like particularly like blowing a kiss but of course it is just a way of closing as punctuation with a note of warmth that i have always done in letters so i started using it in my blog and messages recently but might change that too and maybe make it yyy or
    ooo or 3-2-1 over and out

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