I got the mail today, walking all the way
to the mailbox and back again.
I am amazed at the risks we take
entirely for the sake of information.
We throw ourselves forward with such a
balance-be-damned disregard
for our hard-earned current position.

This brazen flirtation with chaos,
this carefree reconciliation of paradoxes,
this applied transcendence,
this sorting out without first shooting,
this agreement to walk,
this leaning into and yielding to our own target identities …

the energizing pressure of hope.


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One response to “Walking

  1. Sustained metaphor in a verb, wonderful. The poem tips forward like the idea too, artistic unity, and such elegance and intelligence in the expression.

    Thank you.
    Paul, there ought to be a way to recognize you and others for your capacity to “grok” poems. It is its own reward, of course, but I know we risk some time investing in exploring the work of those whose voices are yet unproven to us. It is sooo important.
    I’m so pleased that you keep coming back.

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