The Known World

Fighting for some sky
like a butterfly in a rainstorm,
I ignore the dialectic curfew
at the guarded, dark edges of dogma.

Life is messy,
and the only show in town.
Grok this li,
this wabi-sabi,
this landlocked logos tree.

Let’s bruise our noses
smelling roses,
taking time to enter in.

Flow freely and avoid the backwaters
where the dead
bury the dead.

Change smoothly,
since change you will.
Why wait for the anomie tsunami?
Fight for sky.



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2 responses to “The Known World

  1. Active engaged poetry that connects the current manifestations to their archetypal or mythic origins. We must become our own gods to transform the world.

    Yes Sir! I think I may replace the poem with your comment, and let the poem be the comment!

  2. Oh I don’t know, perhaps it sounded more dogmatic than it was meant, the poem is much gentler and convincing,

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