Hai 5 ku

When sunlight shortens
The leaves relax and lie down
We then trust the roots

The tree grows taller
The outer bark separates
Made when it was young

Calm from work and play
Be still and know I am God
And that I am you

You see much today
No thing can stand in your way
You rise and evaporate

You assimilate
From the seen to the unseen
Your inner strength grows



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3 responses to “Hai 5 ku

  1. sbtipota

    that is beautiful and timeless

    Thank you, tipota!

  2. poeticgrin

    Yes – this brings such a sense of calmness, especially as I sit on my back porch and breathe the autumn air. When my end comes, I hope it mirrors the beauty and ease you speak of here.

    Wow! I honestly did not consider that the poem might relate to death, at least, I did not have death in mind while writing it. I was only thinking about life and growth — transformation. But you’ve seen something beautiful that, while not intended, is certainly integral. This shared poetic event should underline how transformation may always involve part of us dying while a part of us is being born. Thank you, Bryan.

  3. maelinat

    Stillness; a whisper on the edge…

    “Calm from work and play
    Be still and know I am God
    And that I am you”
    Very enlightened part dear…
    Thank you for your poem. It’s like the slowness of a leaf that falls. This quiet life opposed to city’s velocities. That life behind, though beautifully before.

    Thank you Wayne.

    Thank you, Mae.

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