No Still Life

The innocent ambiguities
that honest ignorance affords
us who will not learn love last
and ache most to grasp
the core of things.

So many lovers out
on the edge of things
who will not make you walk the plank
off your pirate ship of private plunder,
but who melt your world with a potent glance
and tumble towers with their presence.

Such gracious hidden leadership
that draws us past our boundaries,
that lifts veil after veil,
that enlarges our circle of concern,
that softens our hearts into liquid love you can navigate,
that helps us glow into the dark corners of the world.



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7 responses to “No Still Life

  1. That is fantastic, Wayne. I read the Haicool 5 first and they had a wonderful strength in their stillness and then contrast here makes it very effective. It sounds great and it twists in the middle, ‘tumble towers with their presence’. I love this poem.

    Wow “Haicool”, eh? That’s nifty! I’m delighted this pleases you, Paul.

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  3. maelinat

    I discover your poem thanks to Paul. And I’m delighted by your words.
    Thank you.

    Bless your heart. Thank you! Please come by again.

  4. rostatosta

    Awesome dadda, this is my favorite =)

    Well. Approval by my youngest daughter goes a long way. Now I’ll need to catch my breath! Thank you!

  5. The second stanza–my favorite–good work wayne

    Thank you, Scot.

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  7. I love this poem, Wayne. And I love a time machine that actually works too. Have fun,

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