Dose of Mama

Stress is imbalance,
with too little comfort,
with too little hope.

Our bodies cycle.
(men, too!)

We behave too linearly,
like machines,
like fools, hyper-masculine.
(women, too!)

This underlies
much imbalance
much stress.

I’m not a feminist
nor a masculinist,
but it takes no rocket scientist
to see the world needs a BIG dose of Mama,
while Daddy chills a spell.

After that,
a whole new world
can be envisioned.

Belili Productions


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6 responses to “Dose of Mama

  1. Yes! indeed. Exactly what’s needed.

    I believe it.

  2. maelinat

    :>) Beautiful mama.

    “but it takes no rocket scientist
    to see the world needs a BIG dose of mama,
    while daddy chills a spell.”
    This part is magically inspired. I love it.

    Thank you Wayne.

    Bless you, Mae.

  3. sbtipota

    oh for joy a dose of mama, medicine for my
    papa, peace and plenty!


  4. and i think it wasn’t until she was gone, i realized it.

    Yes, Scot, I learned that when my mom died when I was 16. Rough business, but I’m grateful for it because the things she taught me along with the experience of her death propelled me into the arms of the greater nonperishable Mother who teaches me ever more wonderful things. And that’s the Mama I’m celebrating here. I know you understand.

  5. nectarfizz

    Ah mama. The greatest gift God gave children (and men)

    Amen, Sister.

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