Discovering Evolution

Inserted like this –
Injected like this –
Projected like this –
Into the manifest cosmos,
into this body,
this spin body,
this body that leans into time forward
and digs into time past.

We greet and conform.
We maximize the gyroscopic virtue,
the memetic momentum,
to protect this body
this insertion sleeve,
this injection mold,
this projected light show.

But over time –
repetition reveals the spin,
and the Spin infers the Orbit,
and the Orbit celebrates its focal tether.
Time then is redeemed by its revolutions,
then disengages like rocket stages fall into the sea.

Tether-savvy, we become
responsible beyond circumstances.
We anticipate larger patterns.
Smaller arcs define sublimer centers.

We ride each orbit
and at conscious perigee we jump
onto its hub  –
again and again,
until, at last,
hub-ness is internalized.

Then we can expand,
then we can exude
centricity in all circumstances.
Love flows in all seasons, all work, all play,
and the rise and fall of
all projections,
all injections,
all insertions
into the manifest cosmos.


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2 responses to “Discovering Evolution

  1. mamamaemae

    I like this one, very much.

    This phrase: “We anticipate larger patterns.
    Smaller arcs define sublimer centers.” Will certainly be sticking with me and sinking in for a while. Transcendence is now!

    Thank you.

    Oh my precious sister-daughter! Yes!

  2. maelinat

    Beautiful and hopeful peace. I like the way you describe, timeless, the horizon of your sight.
    Thank you dear.

    Mae (:>)

    You’re kind to me, Mae.

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