|  Words                            shallow
|                           are                                   depressions
|  i   n        o   u   r        m   i   n   d   s   c   a   p   e
|  that we
|                        allow
|  meaning
|             to flow into.

|  In droughts
|          we        stumble         thirstily      across
|                that           landscape

|  During Floods
|                               w e   s w i m  a b o v e
|                                           t h e m



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6 responses to “Depressions

  1. That is beautiful, a wonderful thought, perfectly expressed.

    Thank you, Paul.

  2. raezlee

    when you originally posted that, you used a user photo that mom uses also. for whatever reason, it’s a photo that i associate more with her than you, so i just read carelessly and thought that she wrote the poem.

    i like it a lot, regardless of who wrote it.

    Thanks, Rachel. Did you read the poem your mom wrote in LJ today (or yesterday)? Her verse merits more than a careless reading. She doesn’t write much, but it’s valuable. Check it out.

  3. raezlee

    oh, i read her verses with much more than a careless reading…. i just read usernames carelessly sometimes. 😉

    moms poems are lovely, but they also (almost) always sort of make me want to cry and miss her a lot, which makes me want to read it over and over but also not look at it at all. le sigh.

    Ahhh. I understand now. I know that feeling well. There’s nothing like a dose of mama.

  4. poeticgrin

    I pull such simple truth from these words – which really is the beauty of much of your work. I read this poem several ways. First, I read as a poet, as one who takes words and attempts to give them power… I read about droughts and floods and have certainly been there from a creative sense. Then I go beyond, and leave the writer behind, and stand at the foot of these words as simply a man, and the words become more than poetry but states of being, relationships with others based on words – based on the power we give them, the ways we use them, the interpretations with which our mind empowers them – droughts and floods and are we ever just. right. ? Love this. Love this, love this, love this. And about the form – to me, I like that it seems to go from a pattern to sort of all over the place, from structured space to random space. Very fluid, like water, like relationships, like creativity. Unable to be boxed in. Wow – I’ve written a novel here. My point – really good piece.

    Bryan, your delight moves me as much as composing the piece. Thank you!

  5. nectarfizz

    extremely complex, yet also quite touching. This is one of my favorites.

    Your writing is so true-blue and straight-shooting, it makes me glad when you like something I write.

  6. nectarfizz

    Ah…a compliment for me when I was trying to compliment you, what LOL (You rock!)

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