Treasures of Darkness

The treasures of darkness
where chaos tricks the vicious cycles
into divine spirals
where each part reveals the wondrous whole…

Above the juggernaut memes
of our arrogant swivet
shines the present perfect picture
of the ancient argument.

Born anew from that dark, tight womb,
this light embarrasses the sun.

Who knew such fear could yield
to love so potent and revealed?!

Love beyond reason,
life beyond words:
this classical treason
earns the right to be heard!

Dec. 2003


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6 responses to “Treasures of Darkness

  1. gosh that is luminous

    I’m pleased you like it. Thank you, tipota.

  2. “this light embarrasses the sun.”

    This is a sweet line from an engaging poem which reveals which each new reading.

    Thank you! I’m very interested in poetry that defies speed-reading.

  3. That is a beautiful poem, very rich and carefully made, a kind of ornate idea dressed in perfectly appropriate language.

    Thank you, Paul!

  4. nectarfizz

    This may sound strange, but this reminds me of pregnancy, that growing and movement coupled with tight quarters at the end. lol. Memories, light the corners of my mind,

    Yes! That’s right on.

  5. thommalyn

    An amazing poem about paradox and how paradox is not just paradoxical, not just necessary, but it is an integral part of our universe, our lives, and of love. Your poetry is a delight!

  6. Thank you, Thomma Lyn. Did you see my tadpole pics?
    I received my copy of your book Mirror Blue and I’m excited to start reading it!

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