Land of the Living

Resting            for a moment in geologic time,
Now                 is when here is where you are.
Reaching         for a view from a higher orbit,
Reconciling    seasons and their reasons…

Did you leave home to get here?
Did you leave home to get here?

Questing         for an instant of eternity just now,
Jesting            as we mop our common brow,
Surfing            on these cycles we all ride, while
Dancing          in the land of the living.

Did you leave home to get here?
Did you leave home to get here?

Aiming            for the substance holding at the center,
Posing             for the shadows that it casts,
Hungry           for the pattern we are made from,
Desperate       for the living that will last.

Jan. 2001



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2 responses to “Land of the Living

  1. That is very a nicely crafted metaphysical poem. It always impresses me how you get the idea to fit the poem so perfectly. The idea is always beautifully and completely articulated and the poems are flawlessly constructed with just a touch of emotion as well. Technically extremely difficult but you seem to achieve this with great ease which is the sign of a master craftsman.

    Thanks for your encouragement, Paul.
    I reckon all words, including poetry, are at best, the tips of icebergs. It’s what’s going on below, out of sight, the bigger part, that floats them.
    I feel another crystal forming…!

  2. nectarfizz

    I love the way you make the words more singularly placed, emphasizing their importance. Lovely work.

    Thanks, Bekki. I know you’ve been busy. I’m glad to see you here again.

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