Ha! I Was Right!

This addiction to significance!
This abiding love of substance!


I was right about the weaving dance!
I was right investing in romance!

The days of
pomp and circumcision

It’s this sanctifying vindication,
where souls soar amidst the sacred,
and live beyond elusive dying
Sharing now eternity.

Credendo Vides!

Dec. 2004



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2 responses to “Ha! I Was Right!

  1. Cool, that is a beauty. I really needed to see one celebrating this morning and this a fantastic champagne cork popping poem, thanks Wayne.

    That’s great, Paul. I always love serendipitous timing of poems.

  2. Mae Linat

    That’s true: you were right! ;>) Amazing poem. And what a beautiful 11th line…
    Thank you Wayne.

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