Weeds are artifacts
of ignorance,
of linear thinking.

There are no plants named ‘Weeds’.
They are just plants in our way,
obstacles to our illusions of order,
plants we don’t know,
plants we don’t appreciate.

Did thistles really appear at the Fall of Man?
… Riiiiight!

Come back to Babel, brethren.
Speak the spiral speech,
the eternal tongue of Terra.

Remove the lines of barbed wire
accusing all our neighbors.
Be clothed in peaceful attire
and be joyful in our labors.

July 2008



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4 responses to “Weeds

  1. sbtipota

    now hear this, these words in the original tongue of Terra, this is too inspiringly good, funny, poignant, and beautiful, thankyou!

  2. Mae Linat

    Yes we are not robot, neither stones. The one to work as slaves, and the other to be thrown…
    We are light, soil and water, and it’s up to us not to make our heart a rock.
    Thank you Wayne.

  3. I appreciate your responses!

  4. nectarfizz

    Be joyful in our labors. You always end them with something that makes me sigh and wish for more…MORE MORE MORE…please.

    Bless your heart, Bekki.

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