Child of Anarchy

I was sitting on the shortest stool
So I wouldn’t draw attention,
But you glided over like a tool
and began to ply your question.

What’s the use? I wondered, when
Uncertainty is the fashion?
A decent seeker’s going to find
Something now and then.

True and precious friends
Have seen the splendid garden ruined
By the seeds of all pop certitudes.
So then what do you do?

How do you submit your findings
To a jaded child of anarchy?


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5 responses to “Child of Anarchy

  1. ionnes

    Second stanza is the keeper. Good read.
    You should check out my poems too.


  2. ‘Tis great to see you back, Wayne. I’ll be back to read this one a few more times yet. The question is a good one and I find it demanding an answer. Happy New Year.


  3. poeticgrin

    SO HAPPY! So happy you’re back!
    “A decent seeker’s going to find/
    Something now and then.”
    I’m the seeker, clicking here weekly, sometimes daily, to find new posts, and look! I finally found some!

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed.


  4. nectarfizz

    How? With subtle reminders that Jaded doesn’t mean forgotten, and it also doesn’t mean without new lessons available. (smile) How can one be jaded, who knows the world for it’s beauty? I ask you.


  5. Bekki, it’s sad, but nothing’s static, of course. For sure, I’m talking about the “cynically insensitive; made callous by experience” jaded, where the world’s beauty is as a wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse.
    It’s partly the economy right now no doubt, but I’m seeing uncertainties separating the ‘men from the boys’ so to speak: the evergreens from the deciduous. And I hold responsible our propensity (addiction) to certainties, especially cheap ones.

    It’s a difficult lesson to learn (or try to teach): that the beauties of an uncertain world are actually greater than a certain world .

    Always good to hear from you!


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