A Word

Speak to me,
               she of
               Sheba said,
A seminal word
With a primal voice.

Your resonance rectifies time,
Your octaves move my blood.
I seal our link,
I bless our nexus.

From your lips a syllable fills all reason.
Your eyes lift the fogs of age and eon.


O sweet mother daughter sister bride,
You glisten as you listen.
Gravid from above, you glow.

I know you.


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11 responses to “A Word

  1. Gorgeous, a kiss transcendent.


  2. Wow, what a gorgeous poem. It moved me deeply. It speaks eloquently of mutual respect, of truly listening to the words of a woman in your life whom you love, of honoring her and opening yourself to her. It left me breathless and with a tear in my eye.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog today! Your blog is a delight. I’ll be coming back often. What a joy, to make new friends.


  3. how wonderful how delicate yet powerful, and what sweetness, such a vision inside the heart of knowing and loving, i thank you
    wayne, such warmth to me builds
    joy with the hardiest foundations then begins and adds to a continuum of gratitude and peace that radiates more vividly because the expression and sentiments in the core seed of what it communicates are universally resonant
    as well as spiritually abundant and beautiful too.


  4. Delightful and sensual perfection.


    • Thanks, Brad.
      This has been an interesting piece. I’ve learned so much from the responses. I mean, it was special to me, or I wouldn’t have posted it, but I don’t presume that pieces will be special to others — I take the chance, just like we all do. I wrote this with a certain aspect of human experience in mind, and the responses have shown me other aspects, just like the “octaves” in the poem. I’m sure this is how sharing should be, and I’m happy about it.


  5. “My words are small things;
    thoughts without meaning
    semi-conscious hallucinations…
    while yours grow as
    wild flowers”


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