Thar be Monsters

The precious, churning black edge
where the light comes from,
where rubber and road negotiate the future,
where you’re all out of cheeks and extra miles,
yet floating forward along your thread,
your thread that is your story of becoming,
your story of letting go, your revelations,
your story of seeing beyond the edge,
your journey past the monsters.


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6 responses to “Thar be Monsters

  1. Cool. There’s always [something] unexpected and original in your poetry. This one has a real rolling rhythm that is perfect for the theme.


  2. Thanks, Paul.
    Is it ok that I added [something] to your comment?


  3. I love this, and “journey past the monsters” brings to my mind what Gandhi said about there being no devils except those which run around in our own hearts.


  4. Of course. My notorious word dropping habit. I must concentrate harder.


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