Love Patterns Matter

Love patterns matter.
It must be ever moreso,
that men empower women,
and women empower men,
lest our end be tragic blathering
in far corners of our skin.

Her learning curves inform him.
His pursuit protects her.
Her cooperation rests him.
His competition guards her.
She speaks the Way of cycles.
He learns the Tao of smalltalk.

Matter is Patterned by this Love,
And it must become yet moreso.


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13 responses to “Love Patterns Matter

  1. Sally Mae

    Daddy, I just love this one – you and Mom are such a good model for unity and growth. Thanks.


  2. “Her learning curves inform him” one of those lines so good I wish I wrote it, Wayne, perfect. This is a very cool sonnet style yin and yang poem.


  3. What a heartfelt poem about balance. And this particularly struck me: “…lest our end be tragic blathering in far corners of our skin.”

    What a perfect way to describe the pointless quibbling and power struggles which occur, all too often, in marriage and which lead, if not thwarted, to resentment and ever-increasing emotional distance.


  4. poeticgrin

    I agree with Paul = “Her learning curves inform him.” God, Wayne, fantastic line. And fantastic poem. I have poems I love taped to my wall for inspiration… and this one is going on it. I think this is my favorite poem from you, and that’s saying something, because you’ve written so many good ones.


  5. nectarfizz

    Wayne is all about equality! I swoon before your feet sir. Lucky you are taken, I might fancy a flirt.


  6. Vic

    Wonderful balance. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed your writing.


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