Ma Fit da Padraig

Dit randid joyk
Gun farce afeet
Ban kneedy leg
Na armapeet

Ma stoma cake
Fra tearin lake
An gona furter
Tudor gate

Wha toil doon
Gan total groun
Den jimy gup
Flight flow te cup
Flight flow te cup

Sliante !!

(report all spelling problems to spelling department)


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6 responses to “Ma Fit da Padraig

  1. Sliante! Happy St Patricks Day! The poem sounds supercoolly Edward Lear-like but its meaning embogglates me.


    • In a year, Paul, when once again the potcheen flows uphill,
      we’ll review this one and seek another.
      I was in need of nonsense. Vitamin N.


  2. nectarfizz

    I have no idea what you said, but for some reason, I smile to admit, you sound like family.

    That’s the best sort of response I could hope for, Bekki!


  3. Jeepers! The Whisky is kickin’ in and all I can say is ‘right back atchya, Wayne’. May you be in heaven before the devil knows your dead. By the way, I checked out Mucho Gusto on Myspace recently and I am very much impressed. En skaal.


    • Ah! The Doors of Perception flung open and there’s Brad looking back at me.
      I’m so glad you checked out Mucho Gusto! We’ve been gathering gigs and getting increasing radio airplay. A lot of love went into that CD. Even folks who don’t particularly care for those genres have been enjoying it. One thing I like about it is that it plays well as low level ambient music or as quite loud, center-of-attention music. It works on stage as well at a corner of the shopping mall. It’s been great fun for me to play with these other musicians. Tabby has been a musical mentor for me since 1973.


  4. j.

    i was going back and forth on whether to keep my eye on you and when i got to this one, oddly enough, the decision was clear. hi there!


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