No Final Word

Final word
Final word
Final word
Orthodox aberrations of arrivals,
the dance of the lame by choice,
stanky stationary vision!

Oh! The things we should seek and prove together!!

To walk on land together
To walk on water together
To walk on air together

The increasing responsibility
a delight to the spirit
ever leaning forward
from firm ground
eyes all around.

Be brave!
Things are never as they say.

No final word
No final word
Be brave!
Be honest!


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11 responses to “No Final Word

  1. Perfect, a transcendental poem.


  2. Great!
    Exactely, the final word is no final word, cause that is what makes it final.
    No, things are never what they say,
    words are never the said things
    words are not.


  3. no, things just Are.

    Be brave – yes. that is the good spirit. nicely done.


  4. poeticgrin

    “Things are never as they say.” – How did you know I needed to hear this?

    This poem speaks to me from a mountaintop somewhere, echoing through the clouds to reach me far, far down below.

    It soars like an eagle… your voice here is God-like.


  5. I love it — so wise. “No final word — be brave, be honest.” Sounds like an excellent mantra to me. 🙂


  6. Thank you, Thomma Lyn.
    Did you see the tadpole pics? I posted them mainly for your review, as you’ve become the Tadpole Queen and a certain level of accountability is surely in order.
    Your book, Mirror Blue, rests on my side table, a temporarily postponed read due to my overburdened schedule. I started it and really liked the feel and I’m eager to continue.


  7. Wayne, thank you for ordering Mirror Blue. I hope you enjoy reading it. And I’m going to find your tadpole post. I haven’t been online as much these last few days — taking a bit of a break — but I’m raring to go again. Spent five hours the other day playing the guitar.

    Thank you for naming me the Tadpole Queen! I’m honored. 😀


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