Nothing and No One

No One
is lost

But some are disconnected
like corpses
where the roots of flowers





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10 responses to “Nothing and No One

  1. Perfectly crafted metaphysical poem of great beauty and almost sadness.

  2. Many are like robots, disconected from their feelings, from the inner ones and from the outer ones too.. Nice and sad post

  3. Nice to hear from you, Mariana.

  4. So haunting and sad — and great work. You capture so well the emotional pathology of the walking wounded.

  5. Excelent that is excately the best option. another one is that they are lost because they prefer not to see reality

    • Hi Mariana,

      Maybe, but I think the problem is more an issue of which reality we prefer. That is, we are all embedded, but we don’t all resonate well: out of tune. Wallflowers in the grand dance.

      Thanks for sharing.

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