Two Pens, One Book

(for the wedding of my firstborn)

A blank book begins on a pedestal.

Knock it off.

Spill some ink


Life is gloriously messy,

let it know that you are


Let it know

that you have both shown up

and that your team will make its mark


You may not always write big and bold –

but do so now!

Claim this joint territory

with some reckless abandon

while you may,

so that your children will honor you,

and learn that real authority

derives from truth,

and never vice versa.


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16 responses to “Two Pens, One Book

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this, Wayne. Very inspiring.

  2. Good one
    I like it when you say authority derives from truth

  3. Big! and glorious advice.

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  5. (found you via my friend @Notebookstories on twitter)

    beautiful metaphor

    In my work with artists, myself included, I have observed that finished work emerges when we wrestle with mistakes & beginnings. And that work is set apart when we embrace authenticity in our work.

    you said:

    “Spill some ink” & “…do so now” & “learn that real authority derives from truth, and never vice versa.”

    Yes. yes. yes!

  6. poeticgrin

    I think I write the same comment every time. But I don’t care. Each time I mean it.

    This is my favorite poem you’ve shared with us.

    Printing it to keep in my pocket. How’s that for love?

  7. Ahhh yes! The last two lines are perfect! Exactly the wavelength that I’m on right now.

  8. thommalyn

    What a bold, beautiful, and inspiring poem. And congratulations to your firstborn! 🙂

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