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Faith in Becoming

The songs we sing crawling
are not our walking songs,
which are not our swimming songs,
which are not our flying songs.

Crawling songs will stand up,
the walking songs will dive in,
and swimming songs will take wing
and sing
the songs of being
and the joy of crawling
until walking
until swimming
until flying,

and sing
the love that flies
at eye level
to any crawler, walker, swimmer, flier,
and that dances to all the songs
while imparting the faith in becoming.


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The Speed of Life

We are a vine
seeking water by root
and light by leaf.

We climb
what is
to become what shall be.

We hunt
the spin authentic
for stable fruiting.

We recognize
and learn to internalize

To verify love
and learn to share it

We are systems
in holons of holiness

at the speed of life.


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