Faith in Becoming

The songs we sing crawling
are not our walking songs,
which are not our swimming songs,
which are not our flying songs.

Crawling songs will stand up,
the walking songs will dive in,
and swimming songs will take wing
and sing
the songs of being
and the joy of crawling
until walking
until swimming
until flying,

and sing
the love that flies
at eye level
to any crawler, walker, swimmer, flier,
and that dances to all the songs
while imparting the faith in becoming.


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8 responses to “Faith in Becoming

  1. Your poetry is as close to prayer as it is possible for poetry to be.


  2. Oh shivers, what a wonderful, inspirational poem, embracing change and growth. Just beautiful.


    • Thank you, Thomma Lyn.

      You know, as much as I enjoy just playing with words, most often what happens is I’m asking myself what would I most like to share if it was my last opportunity to do so. I used to gag at such a presumption of value or seeming self-importance. Not anymore. At some point I realized that that’s exactly what I want from other folks — the best they have to offer, not to be compared with anyone else’s best, but always our own best vision of reality. A big part of the difference is deeply appreciating how important each and every person is.


  3. Nice poem but I can not help thinking that a crawler is the machine that is used by search engine to collect the pages that users search later, it is so strong that meaning, that I sadly can feel this beautifull poetry the other way.


    • That’s cool, Mariana. Words share the same growth and polymorphism as we do. It’s poignant that you hooked on a meaning associated with seeking. Always welcome, Mariana.


  4. This becoming of yours is an action packed becoming, Wayne. Just as it should be being. 😉


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