Guidance Patterns

I’m looking at the way humans discern and create patterns. We create so many patterns. We generally spend considerable energy looking for human thought patterns that provide guidance for our lives rather than looking for patterns in nature which we can better trust. We too often search for patterns in human thought and try to align ourselves to them.

Patterns of human thought require careful consideration, but they should not be quickly considered an optimum source of patterns for personal guidance. The power of our imaginations is huge. We have the capacity to think of things and imagine things that are beyond our ability to truth-test. We tend to believe things too readily, things that are not true.

We certainly have the power to create patterns. Those patterns that we create can often run against observable natural patterns and against testable truth.


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2 responses to “Guidance Patterns

  1. The distinction between thought patterns and patterns of nature strikes a timely chord with me, Wayne. I have just yesterday settled on my (loose) travel itinerary for my next Christmas/New Year road trip. I have decided to follow the Murray-Darling river system from the start of the Darling in northern NSW to the mouth of the Murray at the southern ocean, then to the source of the Murray in the Australian Alps.

    So the natural pattern of the Murray-Darling system will be my guide. Or should I say I will be aligning my thought patterns in accordance with the Murray-Darling system?

    Notably, there are some limits to how much of this natural pattern can be observed, tested, or held to. The roadways for one, being patterns of human thought, leave many areas of the river in the far distance. Other areas have roadways, but are protected areas open only to scientists and research fellows. Some areas can be reached on foot or by bicycle within a few days, but that requires excellent physical fitness and the ability to navigate by compass. And so on…

    As for things that a person can be led to believe or find to be true in this context, there might be some metaphysical problems that arise from not being able to prove that the river system is everywhere my map says it is!

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  2. Excellent !! I expect that you will enjoy your entire trip — and that we will enjoy your photos! You are so right about how patterns all fit together. Even the poor ones tell a tale of “why not?”


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