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Had Your Dose of Mama Lately?

Remember A Dose of Mama ?  Well, if you haven’t had your medicine lately …

Here’s a healing dose:   Elisabet Sahtouris

And here’s another: Karen Armstrong

There are MANY! And not only from women.

I aim to bring some to your attention.  I hope you’ll bring some to mine.

 !!  WARNING  !!
(Extended dialog within.  Enter at your own risk. 

Beyond Here – Thar Be Monsters !! )
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Dose of Mama

Stress is imbalance,
with too little comfort,
with too little hope.

Our bodies cycle.
(men, too!)

We behave too linearly,
like machines,
like fools, hyper-masculine.
(women, too!)

This underlies
much imbalance
much stress.

I’m not a feminist
nor a masculinist,
but it takes no rocket scientist
to see the world needs a BIG dose of Mama,
while Daddy chills a spell.

After that,
a whole new world
can be envisioned.

Belili Productions


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