Tadpole Tails

Evidence of life: (Click on any little pic to enlarge it)
These pics have been approved by the Tadpole Queen.

5 responses to “Tadpole Tails

  1. Wow, what fantabulous tadpole pictures! Since moving our tadpoles to the big pond, I’ve had a case of Empty Stream Syndrome, lol. 🙂 I’m grinning from ear to ear looking at your tadpole pictures — so much fun to see taddies again! All the pictures are wonderful, but I think my favorite is of the gigantic tadpole clump. There must be thousands of tadpoles in that pond! I hope as many of them frogged out as possible.

    Very soon, I’ll be visiting the pond where “my” tadpoles currently live. Hopefully I’ll see some of them. It’s a frog pond if ever there was one!

    Thanks for sharing your tadpole pictures. Made me feel all happy and polliwoggly. 😀


  2. Wanted to come back and tadpole gaze some more 🙂 — and to tell you that I told my blog readers to come check out this post if they’re having tadpole withdrawal, lol!

    Thanks again. You’ve made my evening!


  3. I do as my Tadpole Queen commands.


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