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There’s fine twisting curls.
If it were not climbing me it would have no height at all.

There was more that I could not say.
I loved you but you could not understand me.
You loved me but you could not understand.

This seems to happen often.
All over the world.
It’s hard to try on an idea to see how well it fits,
If you cannot listen and hear the whole idea.

You may die of thirst in the presence of a big glass of water.
You may die of hunger unable to see your place at the table.

Stone upon stone your glacier retreats,
But you are no more lost than you want to be.
We each need to want to not be lost,
And we each need not to define lost by what people around us think of us.

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We’ve eaten almost everything.
Our skin is tight and itchy.
We’re crowded in our minds.

The fruit of frantic foraging,
the silken threads of distilled discovery,
we carefully grasp and arrange,
covering our nakedness
so recently confessed
as so larval.

Compelled, we exude our crucible cocoon
of knowledge, words, and appetite.
Twisting and jerking,
we prove our enclosure
then rest and wait

and wait.

What we shall become we cannot say.
We have never done this before.
This is chrysalis faith.

(Feb. 2008)

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