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Laughing Woods

The woods are full of laughter.
I’m where the limbs are fallen.
Many are around me
fallen gracefully
as is often our privilege.

Some are flat on the ground.
Some are leaning on the living.
Some are standing tall, dead, bark-less.
The variety is beautiful!

Some still alive have fallen on dead ones
which had fallen on the living
which hold up all of them, yet.

The laughter resounds!
The peaceful decay at all angles,
breathtaking !leaners

Down Dead

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The Art of Smoke

Arrives again the garden oracle
With her branchy appetite,
Free to be true —

Yet cursed by lack of words
and automatic writing
and little courage to say what’s meant,

Like harlequins hurled high into the fungal field
For global fruiting.
The memetic sabotage!
There’s no magic in prostitution.

Yet bud to blossom,
She’s here to stay
For the honor in post-lingual thinking.
The man-eating metaphor weeds
Are NOT her doing.
She is NOT the one robbing sentience of pertinence.

We yield our trabeated thinking.

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Treasures of Darkness

The treasures of darkness
where chaos tricks the vicious cycles
into divine spirals
where each part reveals the wondrous whole…

Above the juggernaut memes
of our arrogant swivet
shines the present perfect picture
of the ancient argument.

Born anew from that dark, tight womb,
this light embarrasses the sun.

Who knew such fear could yield
to love so potent and revealed?!

Love beyond reason,
life beyond words:
this classical treason
earns the right to be heard!

Dec. 2003


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Humble Green

Across the sacred landscape
the horizon calls aloud
to seek and keep on searching
and never settle for what’s found.

Watch and see the endless lines
of better buckets offered,
rising, dipping, dripping —
evolving toward the water.

In the humble green he circles
all patterns come to bear
to gestate rhyme and reason
while life is in the air.

Aug 2001

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