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What Time Is It?

Today I kissed the leaves of two Oaks
One Ash, and one Redbud.

It was all in perfect glory.

So… we’re calling this “2010” …
Do you know where your Mother is?


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Land of the Living

Resting            for a moment in geologic time,
Now                 is when here is where you are.
Reaching         for a view from a higher orbit,
Reconciling    seasons and their reasons…

Did you leave home to get here?
Did you leave home to get here?

Questing         for an instant of eternity just now,
Jesting            as we mop our common brow,
Surfing            on these cycles we all ride, while
Dancing          in the land of the living.

Did you leave home to get here?
Did you leave home to get here?

Aiming            for the substance holding at the center,
Posing             for the shadows that it casts,
Hungry           for the pattern we are made from,
Desperate       for the living that will last.

Jan. 2001


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Woven Bones

gravid planet
gleaming white egg
tension of deliverance
the shell, the woven bones of our dead
the fabric of eternity
robes of resurrection

stand on the mountain
come see high places made low
(vapid hopes
twisted expectations
arrogant plans
presumptuous intentions)
from such dreams we will awake

but, come stand on the mountain
see low places made high
yield pride for eagle’s eyes
scan the valley closely
there in beds of quiet streams
lay gems of dreams to live by


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