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What Time Is It?

Today I kissed the leaves of two Oaks
One Ash, and one Redbud.

It was all in perfect glory.

So… we’re calling this “2010” …
Do you know where your Mother is?


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Standing rigid
in the sparkling river
he grips his cup downside up.

Dry and thirsty
he gathers his resolve
and curses cups.

Right it, please, I urge him,
but the message flows off the rim
into to the sparkling river.


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|  Words                            shallow
|                           are                                   depressions
|  i   n        o   u   r        m   i   n   d   s   c   a   p   e
|  that we
|                        allow
|  meaning
|             to flow into.

|  In droughts
|          we        stumble         thirstily      across
|                that           landscape

|  During Floods
|                               w e   s w i m  a b o v e
|                                           t h e m



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Hast Thou Une?

The poles are really shifting.
It’s underway, they say.
So it’s no surprise. You’re not alone –
a yangster in the yinzone.

What I guess I really mean,
Is, tell me, hast thou une
corpus callosum?

I do appreciate your openness,
your honesty and spunk.
But such an ontometamorph*
should walk with measured funk.

What I think I really mean,
Is, really, hast thou une
corpus callosum?

We sycophants of circumstance
must be forgiven quickly
to let the logos smell the roses
of our shamanic crises.

But, boiled down, I really mean,
Come now, hast thou une
corpus callosum?

*new word! – : one engaged in transforming their inner being

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Spin Time With Me

It’s such a small percent of yesterday
that hinders today,
Something sticky,
some inner taffy
That wants to   p  u    l     l           o    u     t             t     h       i       n
Like a spider thread
And again wrap again around again the barn again
until I again lose count again.

The Golden Spiral balance of habit and novelty. A living metaphor of sustainable, holistic growth, development, and evolution.

The Golden Spiral balance of habit and novelty. A living metaphor of sustainable, holistic growth, development, and evolution.

I did not spin Andromeda, did I ?

I did not spin corporate myopia, did I ?

I did help spin my children, didn’t I ?

I live here with you in ever-spin
where to learn to lose is to learn to win.
Here helter-skelter is simply
the pathology of linearity
and we’re immune.

We all were soulless cyclers once.
Isn’t it the spiraling evolution of consciousness
that leads us into and through
this momentary affliction of profane momentum,
of linearity, pseudo-progress, and separation?

Phi-Pi* is our healing Logos,
our reconciliation with nature,
our reunion,
our new day.


* I see Phi (the “golden” or “divine” ratio found throughout reality) as the universal ratio between static and dynamic tendencies, between habit and novelty, between status quo and revolution. A centrifugal tether that both maintains and advances.

For me, Pi is the static spin, the protective circling of the wagons, the memetic entrenchment, the do-while loop, the rut, the ideological event horizon, archaic, magic, and mythic.

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