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No Real You

I’d like to encourage you
to stop trying to be the real you.
What would you even suppose that might be?

Someday, notice how you change.
Notice the you that claims to be you when you wake up in the morning,
then notice the you that starts working or doing whatever you intend to do every day,
notice the you that stops for lunch and the you that needed to,
notice the you that watches the clock in order to go back home,
notice the you that greets whatever shares your home that makes it home for you.
Notice the you that eats dinner.
Notice the you that sometimes goes out in the evening to meet with other folks and
Notice how that you differs depending upon which folks you’re meeting.
Notice the you that protects itself from the things you don’t understand.
Notice the you that sheds its height as bedtime approaches.
Notice the you that wakes to pee before you’re done sleeping.

You can detect a different you at these and so many other times each day.
So which one is the real you?

None of them.

I recommend that you give up the idea of even discovering the real you.
It doesn’t exist.
But you can do this…
Write the old you off.
The more you write off all these old yous what’s left is rather precious.
It’s not that you will discover the real you, you will discover that there is no real you.
You’ll discover that our capacity for me-ness is huge and dynamic.
Our identity can continue to grow and grow and grow daily even hourly with the things that we see and discover each day.

I ate some snow today.
No big deal.
But I bet you did not.

The little things that each of us does
can mean so much to us,
and we may not realize how unique they are to us.


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A fugue of feathers
A tight of twine
A river stone
and totem shine

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I See Men as Trees

So long the head and not the tail,
now cringing from uncertainties.
The horror feared will now prevail:
You’ll negotiate necessities.

The pressure for change
Met excuses for permanence

Who begrudges the strength of the ignorant,
The placebo of the disenfranchised?
Strong enough now to invade the western sanctum
comes the novus ordo seclorum,
no longer handed down to us
but rather rising from within!
With freedom to stop the shredding of
cheap copies of original sin.

I see men as trees
And we’re not the machines we thought we were.


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Treasures of Darkness

The treasures of darkness
where chaos tricks the vicious cycles
into divine spirals
where each part reveals the wondrous whole…

Above the juggernaut memes
of our arrogant swivet
shines the present perfect picture
of the ancient argument.

Born anew from that dark, tight womb,
this light embarrasses the sun.

Who knew such fear could yield
to love so potent and revealed?!

Love beyond reason,
life beyond words:
this classical treason
earns the right to be heard!

Dec. 2003


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Spin Time With Me

It’s such a small percent of yesterday
that hinders today,
Something sticky,
some inner taffy
That wants to   p  u    l     l           o    u     t             t     h       i       n
Like a spider thread
And again wrap again around again the barn again
until I again lose count again.

The Golden Spiral balance of habit and novelty. A living metaphor of sustainable, holistic growth, development, and evolution.

The Golden Spiral balance of habit and novelty. A living metaphor of sustainable, holistic growth, development, and evolution.

I did not spin Andromeda, did I ?

I did not spin corporate myopia, did I ?

I did help spin my children, didn’t I ?

I live here with you in ever-spin
where to learn to lose is to learn to win.
Here helter-skelter is simply
the pathology of linearity
and we’re immune.

We all were soulless cyclers once.
Isn’t it the spiraling evolution of consciousness
that leads us into and through
this momentary affliction of profane momentum,
of linearity, pseudo-progress, and separation?

Phi-Pi* is our healing Logos,
our reconciliation with nature,
our reunion,
our new day.


* I see Phi (the “golden” or “divine” ratio found throughout reality) as the universal ratio between static and dynamic tendencies, between habit and novelty, between status quo and revolution. A centrifugal tether that both maintains and advances.

For me, Pi is the static spin, the protective circling of the wagons, the memetic entrenchment, the do-while loop, the rut, the ideological event horizon, archaic, magic, and mythic.

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