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Imaginal Domains

I generally think you are referring to our “experience of ourselves and other things in the classical world”, right?

If so, I think you may be regarding some statements as solipsistic assertions that reality arises wholly from our imagination. But that’s not what I think it is. Our senses only assess a tiny fraction of the vibratory spectrum we might call ‘objective reality’. If we want to understand what we sense or discover more than we can directly sense, we employ the pattern-recognizing and pattern-making power of imagination. We settle into patterned ‘grooves’ of personal and social functionality and creativity. These become our realities, but I think they would better be called imaginal domains, or memetic vortexes.

I don’t concur with the suggestion that imagination is the antithesis of reality.
To me they are an integral fabric.

So, for me,
Truth is grokking the well-woven;
Responsibility is the ability to respond within our imaginal domain;
Validity or authenticity is recognizing other domains as co-real.

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Ma Fit da Padraig

Dit randid joyk
Gun farce afeet
Ban kneedy leg
Na armapeet

Ma stoma cake
Fra tearin lake
An gona furter
Tudor gate

Wha toil doon
Gan total groun
Den jimy gup
Flight flow te cup
Flight flow te cup

Sliante !!

(report all spelling problems to spelling department)


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Higher Ground

I woke up breathing
and stood up laughing,
war zone not withstanding…

We go to ground as winds chafe and howl,
cyclones testing the anchors,
the momentum of exclusion,
the power in the spin.

From the water hole we slide
into a misty wood green dark
translucent canopy above a glowing path.

The named ones lead, the younger follow.
Stories are told.
Time is reeled in for review.

The stories fill our hearts with hope
to endure this process,
this momentary affliction,
as our meme-osaurs devour one another
waiting for the next asteroid.

Wide-eyed ground surfers will spy
another wave of humus heading this way.
The bones of prior pirates will be flung into the sky.
An unwinding, befuddled, slouching, juggernaut
of galumphing brobdingnagians
will continue
playing Jesus like a wild card,
selling identity to the appetite of the moment.

Sophi says, “Expect to be noticed.
As the season’s waning daylight reveals the evergreens,
expect to be noticed.
And protect your aboxal thinking
from looking too naily in the land of hammers.”

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Gentle Changes Mostly

Gentle changes mostly,
Many gentle changes over time
Take our curving paths through hot and cold,
conflicts and resolutions,
competition and cooperation,
forgiving and being forgiven.

The braver we become
the less we play with wildcards,
Our conversation slowly ascending:
from groin to groin,
then belly to belly,
then heart to heart,
and then eye to eye at last,
Time shows us how to be good for each other,
And how my real happiness is in your face.

Season after season we adore a deeper honesty.
We crave a crystal clarity as we tolerate obscurity.
We learn that snow-ness will prevail while each flake is unique.

I’ve heard things about you over the years,
But none of it matters,
None of it holds a candle to your eyes.
Let me look at you a little closer —
It’s as I thought.
Perhaps you underestimate your beauty.
Perhaps you undervalue your wisdom.

With gentle changes, mostly,
We can walk together better now.


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