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Nothing and No One

No One
is lost

But some are disconnected
like corpses
where the roots of flowers




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Ma Fit da Padraig

Dit randid joyk
Gun farce afeet
Ban kneedy leg
Na armapeet

Ma stoma cake
Fra tearin lake
An gona furter
Tudor gate

Wha toil doon
Gan total groun
Den jimy gup
Flight flow te cup
Flight flow te cup

Sliante !!

(report all spelling problems to spelling department)


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Thistle Days

Thistle days,
the vapor dance,
headless chicken shuffle.

Sweating brow,
fruitless toil,
lanterns with no oil.

Zombie prance,
the futile rig,
sorrow upon grief.

Boats with oars,
sextant broken,
stranded on a reef.

It’s “Get up, Jack.
Now, John, sit down.”
It’s beauty and the clown.

Dreaming as a herd,
worshipping the turf,
stamping on the ground.

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To me the din of futile flapping speaks
like half a wriggling worm
warns of shovels.

Starving for reality,
Settling for mythic sentiment,
then shackled!

When flight should have been learned,
no mentor found.
Lonesome zombies’ protégé
designed to feed as eagles, but
scrambling for slow insects,
free of hope’s passion.

Think we,
the sun shines as an insult?
the rain descends to flood us?
The earth softens to mire us?
and eagles soar in arrogance?

    Within the wheels there is a call
    to consider these more clearly.

Windows have a way
of opening on the wretched.
Pinfeathers have a way
of growing unexpectedly.

June 1997

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