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Questions Remain

The question remains, how shall we consider the things we still can’t see? The presence within and behind trees, stones, and mirrors. Only recently we began to see how perception is a contrived integration of understanding and evolutionary necessity.
Centuries unfold tides of ascribing meaning onto waves of being. It is well that things fall apart, fall to ruin, and are broken down by the fungal foundation of consciousness, to be again available for repurposing and informing the evernow. It has always been so: from Stardust thru DNA. Yet there is authentic joy in the honesty of both uncertainties of substance and in the certainties of shadows.

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The Breeze Comes

    Yes, of course, our decisions, our choices of thought and action are of consequence, but not in a way that yields us ground for any overarching self-importance at an individual level. In fact, it is our actions which lead to the positive choices in the minds of others that most reveal our own value. It is a ‘pay it forward’ system in all aspects of consideration.

    Nothing about time or space or reality in general is linear. Absolutely everything that comes to our attention is an eddy in the currents of energy flows within a vast field of energy. What we call “life” is a fractal flower of flows that encapsulate the momentum and information of cycle flows and spin torque of smaller eddies into cooperative eddy systems.

    Snapshots reveal nothing in this fluid system. No math encompasses it. No religion preserves it. No God collects its glory. We mis-value the encapsulation aspect of life. In our passage through this momentary affliction of mere self-consciousness we stumble into a temporary falsehood of isolation. In this evolution of consciousness this sense of isolation is where we row through the doldrums seeking, hoping, believing that there will be a breeze before we die alone, detached.

    The breeze comes.

    And all along nothing has ever been more or less connected. No energy is lost.


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