The Speed of Life

We are a vine
seeking water by root
and light by leaf.

We climb
what is
to become what shall be.

We hunt
the spin authentic
for stable fruiting.

We recognize
and learn to internalize

To verify love
and learn to share it

We are systems
in holons of holiness

at the speed of life.


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9 responses to “The Speed of Life

  1. Elegance of thought reflected in such elegance of expression, Wayne. ‘awaking at the speed of life’ perfect!


  2. Beautiful, I guess one of the secrets is to feel and understand what that speed is, and also to learn to adapt it to the different situations we live.

    Also the beautiful lines you wrote about internalizing, here is my scientific reflection about it: Nature is concrete reality, we presume, something more real than abstraction. But if nature is more real than abstraction, what use is abstraction? Perhaps it is the case that abstraction is more real than “nature”.
    cheer and keep writing

    Thank you, Mariana.
    I agree that it is worthwhile to consider the material world as a precipitate.


  3. “holons of holiness” and “awakening at the speed of life” — I love it. I find your poetry to be so wonderfully positive and inspirational.

    And thank you for your kind words about my novel. I’m glad you enjoyed it. And yes, you honed in on the crux of what it’s about: transformation, becoming, learning and growth.


  4. Til

    Really like this piece. “We hunt the spin authentic” falls right off the tongue.


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