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The Speed of Life

We are a vine
seeking water by root
and light by leaf.

We climb
what is
to become what shall be.

We hunt
the spin authentic
for stable fruiting.

We recognize
and learn to internalize

To verify love
and learn to share it

We are systems
in holons of holiness

at the speed of life.


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Thar be Monsters

The precious, churning black edge
where the light comes from,
where rubber and road negotiate the future,
where you’re all out of cheeks and extra miles,
yet floating forward along your thread,
your thread that is your story of becoming,
your story of letting go, your revelations,
your story of seeing beyond the edge,
your journey past the monsters.


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Full Moon on Forest Snow

Speak to me
like the full moon’s clear whispers
to the quiet snow on the forest floor.

We were tight.
And neither will forget
the rambling on and off of paths in the night,
and the confidence born of gentle changes.

We enjoyed the silhouettes of finer things those times,
And learned real warmth
from the inside out.

Your soaring silver circle grew into me
And now shines back out
with the glance and smile of the evergreen,
the willing strength of the oak,
and the patience of the grass
beneath the moonlit snow.

Dancing with the shifting shadows as you pass,
we celebrate substance that will last,
As larger seasons loom,
and recede again.

I am moved.
The trees
have studied my rise to power.
They love me, but are not moved,
except by the rocks they grow upon, that
have studied their rise to power.

Dec. 2003

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The Very Beast

Our self-congratulatory institutions
are indeed the very bushels
beneath which we hide our light,
As we define the infidel
with the jargon of
insider trading.

What we called the House of God
was, in truth, the Very Beast.

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Sun In Your Eyes

Sometimes I see the sun in your eyes
When you’re responsible for every shadow
But cannot see one!
Toward your good gift of light
I rotate my dark side for warmth.
Since you don’t, can’t see a dark side
When you are the light.
And your glowing gift
Grants me also the same glory
The same self-radiance.
I do want that sun in my eyes, too,
that sees no shadow.


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Fiat Lux

(Let There Be Light)

Struck again by lightening
like there was no beginning,
no sending of a message,
no sublime presser of <Enter>.

Green is true and ever was
to imbue the shadows
where the hungry wait
to seal the fate of the choiceless.

The voiceless won’t be ever so:
things do grow — we’ve seen it now —
how time bestows ‘I am’ and sows
the seeds for was and will be.

It moves me, watching from the cusp,
this stammer-lisp of sea change,
to derange the old assumption,
gather gumption, and press on.

Only movement can be steered
by multi-tiered emotion
and children of the mindful wave
to save creative chaos.

We see loss when we venture near.
Things dear to us are tested,
vanities arrested in the tide
as pride subsides — is bested
by new visions for our verities,
new measures, marks, and similes,
new hopes, and dreams, and canopies
to shelter luminosities.

June 2008


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