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No Final Word

Final word
Final word
Final word
Orthodox aberrations of arrivals,
the dance of the lame by choice,
stanky stationary vision!

Oh! The things we should seek and prove together!!

To walk on land together
To walk on water together
To walk on air together

The increasing responsibility
a delight to the spirit
ever leaning forward
from firm ground
eyes all around.

Be brave!
Things are never as they say.

No final word
No final word
Be brave!
Be honest!


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Had Your Dose of Mama Lately?

Remember A Dose of Mama ?  Well, if you haven’t had your medicine lately …

Here’s a healing dose:   Elisabet Sahtouris

And here’s another: Karen Armstrong

There are MANY! And not only from women.

I aim to bring some to your attention.  I hope you’ll bring some to mine.

 !!  WARNING  !!
(Extended dialog within.  Enter at your own risk. 

Beyond Here – Thar Be Monsters !! )
|                .
↓                .


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On an Apple Tree

I had a pleasant job when I was 16 working in a small, private greenhouse and cut-flower garden.  Immersion in floral rainbows and thick greenery each day delighted me then as it does now.  Behind the greenhouse was a small yard of luxuriant, thin-bladed grass with a carefully pruned, standard size apple tree growing in the midst of it.  About twenty-five feet tall and perhaps thirty feet across, this robust tree provided cool summer shade to the yard.  I enjoyed taking my lunch breaks in this yard, leaning against the apple tree.

During my lunch break one day, having already eaten my sandwich, I took a notion to climb the apple tree.  It was early Summer and the apples were still quite tiny and the leaves were nearing their full flush and strength.  I do not remember exactly why I needed to climb that day since I usually rested during my break.  I do recall that I liked to peer into the canopy when resting against the tree trunk. I had marveled at the patterns of filtered green light diminishing daily until the shade was almost complete from the converging growth.  From this perspective the canopy formed a flawless fractal flower of greenery evenly spread by its living fan of twigs, branches, limbs, and trunk.  I believe I simply could not resist being up into the thickness of that beauty.
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Approach Vectors for Dummies

Sympathetic vibrations – sympathetic harmonies –
What then should we seek to read?
What balance between the explicit and implicit?
‘Deep surely calls to deep’ so what then for the shallows? The shadows? The flesh?

The explicit vs the implicit.  For instance,
Both read the bible, day and night. But you read black while I read white.’
~Billy Blake

Then unless we’re trying to learn only the most mechanical stuff, perhaps careful implications are more valuable for extrapolating or triangulating ‘truth’. Even good attempts at explicit exposition are so easily fraught with the inevitable ambiguity of inconsistent antecedents arising predictably from mixed references to elements of both consensus reality and non-consensus reality.

Therefore, the value of fiction to convey truths (nonfiction).

But it makes me wonder about the validity or effectiveness of approaching certain knowledge head-on, either as student or as teacher. Just like looking at the sun will blind you, and we learn to optimize light by reflection, refraction, diffusion, and shadow projection; or, like the honeybee approaching a flower, using a golden ratio of approach vectors it spirals in for a blossom landing … Why, I wonder?? Is the learning curve really a segment of a divine spiral of learning ?

Our word-bound approach to knowledge is an epistemological conundrum. Better to lead someone toward a wordless encounter with the ineffable than to presume they are on the path by their mere ability to name it.

Is there an optimum and universal sequence of revelation that mindful coaching can cooperate with and encourage? Like successive approach vectors? Do Loevenger, Kohlberg, Wilber, etc. have a real handle on this?

This really deserves study and at least one thesis, like:
“Approach Vectors for Dummies” or
“How to Essentially Get to Where You’re Not Exactly Going” or
“Murphy’s Easy Epistemic Ontology: Overcoming Circumstantial Gravity” or
“Developing Your Personal Vision: Customized for Your Cheap-ass Sunglasses”

Oh well,
And gathering all together in the hintermost, he ploddy ploddy forth into the deep thundermold of the complicaden forie to sorten this one out, Matey. Where at, man? Where at? Oh dear!
~ Small Faces  “The Story of Happiness Stan” on the album “Ogden’s Nutgone Flake


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How to Wrap a Turban

Now, really, it is all about
eternal joy expressed
through ephemeral cycles.

So the question du jour is
how to wrap a turban.

That individuated
nodes of consciousness
should exist at all,
is remarkable beyond words!

So the question du jour is
how to wrap a turban.

Who knew that the
History of Truth
would so reflect the
Truth of History?

But the question du jour is
how to wrap a turban.


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Apocalyptic Rhythm

Feigning we’d acknowledge no successor
to the throne of our dimensions,
we would graphically display
the possibilities before us
and pseudo-judiciously
set our course for ever more.

We can run through the jungle.
We’re agile in the woods.
Yet though we know the world is round
we still fall off the edge.

Make us naked,
won’t you, Reason.
Take the Truth and grip us, free us.
Show us with your patience
the sources of the forces
that keep the worlds in ordered spirals
giving credence to your minstrels.

Smooth apocalyptic rhythm,
cast the dragon to the chasm
to raise the blind, rouse our mind
and send us off to school on time.

Our designs failing may deceive us
but new dimensions will receive us.
Have no fear.
There’s nothing here
that left behind should ever grieve us.

June 1987

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